Vegan Restaurants in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the best cities in the world for vegan restaurants, and these give even omnivores exciting new flavors and a fun way to get a bit more healthy.

This list will be ever evolving as new places open. Vegan diets or meals are all the rage now, shooing up from 1.5% just a few years ago to over 6% nationally, but that’s especially true among young, hip, educated people so the real numbers are higher.

Omnivores alike are increasingly open to vegan diets if nothing else as a way to try interesting new foods.

Back in the 1990’s, vegan diets were long on belief and ethics with a side of preachiness and often short on flavor. Today, vegan food rocks and in many cases is flat out superior to old-school “necrovore” diets.

I’ve starred a few below as personal favorites, but all of these are good.

    • NEW: Beelman’s Vegan Pub
    • Ramen Hood in Grand Central Market
    • Shojin, vegan “sushi” style food. Incredibly unique. Try “Crunchy Tiger Hidden Dragon” roll.
    • Au Lac – asian style
    • Crossroads Kitchen – a bit posh and not cheap but inventive and a great dining experience. Aimed at omnivores to some degree with meat analogues i.e. chickenless waffles
    • Gracias Madre – mexican style done well. Don’t miss the jackfruit tacos.
    • Doomies – vegan “junk food” – burgers
    • Little Pine, owned by Moby the musician. Cute, charming, delicious foods
    • Flore
    • Sage – classic. Pumpkin pierogis, bowls, vegan ice cream
    • Native Foods – excellent A+ sandwich style shop
    • Masala Dosa
  • THE VALLEY  (San Fernando Valley, that is)
    • Vihn Loi Tofu (map). Tip: Just tell Kevin you’re in his hands and you’ll get fabulous, fresh, off-menu chef’s choice – the whole restaurant is vegan, run by ironman triathlete Kevin. Near the 405 and Sherman Way.
    • Sun Cafe – BBQ cauliflower and vegan happy hour, live music on the patio…near the 101 at Cahuenga, walking distance from Universal Studios metro
    • Krimsey’s Cajun Kitchen – a taste of New Orleans, near 170 at Sherman Way
  • THE OTHER VALLEY (Pasadena Area) (San Gabriel Valley)
    • Real Food Daily
    • One Veg World

Even more & honorable mentions…

  • Vromage, a vegan cheese shop in West Hollywood – serves sandwiches, though I think mostly people go for take-out.
  • Rahel Ethiopian Vegan Cuisine in Mid-Wilshire – exotic, unique, fun and healthy.
  • Cafe Gratitude, Larchmont Village Hollywood area and a few other locations
  • Veggie Grill, various locations including Hollywood

A truly comprehensive list:

Think I missed something? Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to add it.

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