Nightlife in Los Angeles

Here’s a quick rundown of just some of our favorite Los Angeles nightlife options:

  • Good Times at Davey Wayne'sHollywood Club Crawl – Don’t know where to go or know anyone, but want to go party in Hollywood? Start here and you’ll make some instant friends. Expect 20s-30s on average, ~$25ish gets you into 4 clubs with no hassle and some free drinks, and usually a bachelor / bachelorette party (aka stag / hen party) to boot.

    Note LA club competition is brutal and so hot clubs change every few months, but last we went, Good Times at Davey Wayne’s was really fun and our #1 pick for Hollywood. Expect some lines to get in, but it’s a retro-themed racous good time, with loud live tunes, a fun good looking crowd, and a patio out back.

  • Want more classy and social? LACMA (LA County Museum of Art) Jazz Night is free, and you bring a picnic. Great with friends, and while they get top jazz musicians, we go for the people and picnicing more than actual true jazz appreciation. See for details. TIP: The museum is free after 3pm on concert days, so get a quick whilewind tour of art before you stake your claim on the lawn! Also, you can bring wine / food.
  • Hollywood Bowl is a gem of LA. Usually, this is best with friends or families and a often has classical or jazz, though they rent the entire theater out on occasion for all sorts of music. Bring a picnic, and we usually get cheap seats with a group of friends.
  • MoonshadowsBest club with a view: Rooftop clubs downtown LA
  • Best laid-back ocean vibe: Moonshadows in Malibu. (Realistically, you need a car, or Uber / Lyft to get there)
  • “The Sunset Strip” is a neighborhood in West Hollywood adjacent to Beverly Hills, and is the top entertainment-industry place to party. Generally, the west side is more showbiz, the east side is more music industry. This is where Tom Cruise has lunch with his agent. Celebrities are common, beautiful cars are common, and everyone looks great. Dress upscale. Also, note this is not to be confused with “WeHo” or “West Hollywood” (even though it is technically in the city of West Hollywood), which is a neighborhood centered on Santa Monica Boulevard – that’s the gay LGBT district – totally fun, but a different vibe to be sure. Top picks include Skybar (harder to get in, dress well, especially on weekends. Don’t even try on nights like The Oscars or Emmys… also, this is the #1 pick for celebrities, and there’s a nice view) and Bar Marmont.
  • If WeHo is indeed what you want, start at The Abbey.

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