Hollywood Sign – How to see it

Hollywood Sign Hike Start

Here is the #1 way to see the hollywood sign. You’ll see both the front, as close as you can get, and the back side, which is closer, but behind it.

Hollywood Sign Hike Start

You can park on the street near there, but read the signs! You can also take a Lyft / Uber.

TIP: Sunrise is better than sunset for photographers. The above photo is my own from sunset, but the sign is actually slightly angled away from the setting sun and toward sunrise, so if you want the perfect photo, cool breezes, and fewer people, grab that coffee and be there early in the day.

Hollywood Sign PicnicPrefer a Hollywood Sign picnic?

The views are just as good – some say better of the iconic Hollywood Sign… it’s a nice place great at sunset.

GPS or get your driver to take you to

Lake Hollywood Park


TIP: the above links are directions for your GPS using Google Maps.

Note the above two are the very best views of the Hollywood Sign.

More options to view the Hollywood Sign:

  • Just want a quick great photo from the car – easy, fast, no hiking? Drive 5 minutes up Beachwood Canyon from Franklin Blvd.
  • Want to combine it with the Griffith Park Observatory? This is a great place for city views, there’s nice hikes, and it’s a common stop for LA tourists. Space nerds like me should definitely check it out, and it’s free.

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