Vegan Restaurants in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the best cities in the world for vegan restaurants, and these give even omnivores exciting new flavors and a fun way to get a bit more healthy. This list will be ever evolving as new places open. Vegan diets or meals are all the rage now, shooing up from 1.5% … Continue reading “Vegan Restaurants in Los Angeles”

Downtown Los Angeles

What I’d do – take it as you like 😀 Metro to 7th & Metro. Pop out, and it will look like New York City – towers all around. If you’re hungry, I’d recommend Grand Central Market – it’s like a food court of sorts, but more interesting and a there’s plenty to choose from. … Continue reading “Downtown Los Angeles”

Nightlife in Los Angeles

Here’s a quick rundown of just some of our favorite Los Angeles nightlife options: Hollywood Club Crawl – Don’t know where to go or know anyone, but want to go party in Hollywood? Start here and you’ll make some instant friends. Expect 20s-30s on average, ~$25ish gets you into 4 clubs with no hassle and some … Continue reading “Nightlife in Los Angeles”

Universal Studios + Hollywood Sign

A great day of showbiz fun is combining Universal Studios and the Hollywood Sign. Note Universal Studios will try to sell you a two day pass – frankly, you don’t need it…. …unless you’re really really excited and want to do rides more than once. Most guests are there from about 9 or 10 am … Continue reading “Universal Studios + Hollywood Sign”

The Beach (No-Car Version)

Going to the beach is easy via metro! UPDATE: There’s a “Beach Bus” too! A lot of our guests do not have a car, and frankly, due to L.A. traffic, you will probably have a better time if you do _not_ drive. Planning rides is easy via Metro.Net – LA’s metro app (tip: install to … Continue reading “The Beach (No-Car Version)”

Orange County Day Trip

I’ll write this up soon, but the highlights are… Balboa Island. I just love the area, and if you have a spare $8,000,000 why not pick up a beach house? It’s nice, walkable, and a cute place to wander around, eat well, and feel like a California local. Balboa Fun Zone if you have kids … Continue reading “Orange County Day Trip”

2-4 Week Southwest USA

I’ve taken this trip and seen all these places many times, and this trip includes some of my favorite places in the world (out of 40+ countries & 48 US states)! The basic idea: Make a loop starting in and out of Los Angeles, including Las Vegas and San Francisco. HIGHLIGHTS: Starting in Los Angeles, … Continue reading “2-4 Week Southwest USA”

Hollywood Sign – How to see it

Here is the #1 way to see the hollywood sign. You’ll see both the front, as close as you can get, and the back side, which is closer, but behind it. Hollywood Sign Hike Start You can park on the street near there, but read the signs! You can also take a Lyft / Uber. … Continue reading “Hollywood Sign – How to see it”

A Day of Fun via Metro

Here’s a fun itinerary perfect for tourists and out-of-town friends that requires no driving! L.A. traffic can get rough, and with this, you’ll skip right under it for the most part. You didn’t even know L.A. even had a metro subway? Now you do, and for just $7 you can ride all day, unlimited rides … Continue reading “A Day of Fun via Metro”

Things to do in Los Angeles

What to see & do in Los Angeles Los Angeles is big – about 13 million people in the metro area! Part of travel is the spontaneity of being off any schedule, so take this as a grain of salt. The below are just tips to help you make the most of your time here, … Continue reading “Things to do in Los Angeles”