The Beach (No-Car Version)

Going to the beach is easy via metro!

UPDATE: There’s a “Beach Bus” too!

A lot of our guests do not have a car, and frankly, due to L.A. traffic, you will probably have a better time if you do _not_ drive. Planning rides is easy via Metro.Net – LA’s metro app (tip: install to your phone then just uninstall after your trip), or just use Google Maps and click the little train (Mass Transit) option.

Personally, I prefer metro / train to bus. To get there from us, take the red line (from North Hollywood) to 7th & Metro (the big downtown hub). There, hop on (free transfer, but tap your card again) the Expo Line all the way to Santa Monica.

Once in Santa Monica, you can visit the pier (great for kids and adults alike), 3rd street promenade (great pedestrian-only shopping and restaurants and nice place for a walk), and walk the boardwalk north to Malibu (it’s close..maybe 1-2 km) and/or south to Venice Beach (artsy, music, hippie drum circles, fun shops…).

If you want to get more adventurous you can learn to surf, go sailing, swim, rent bikes, get a tattoo, and more.

A note about alcohol in Los Angeles: Officially, alcohol of any type including beer and wine is not allowed in parks or on the beach. Practically speaking, many people just keep it discreet and the police have much better things to do than worry about this, provided you’re being safe, not littering, and not being inconsiderate, and also not being open about it. If you have a picnic on the beach with a cold beer, hide it into a cup and keep any signs of it hidden and you most likely won’t have any problem.

Mass transit google mapsTIPS:

  1. Check the beach weather specifically – it may be sunny and hot near us, but cloudy due to marine-layer superlocal weather.
  2. Google Maps has a small train icon – click it for mass transit navigation (it will use bus and train both, not just trains).
  3. You can also just take the orange line (from North Hollywood) to Topanga then take the Beach Bus through the canyon out to Malibu. Google Maps above is still more recommended but it may take you on this bus.

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